First International Developmental Play Conference

Programme highlights: 

Dr David Whitebread the founder of PEDAL- (Play, Education, Development and Learning) Institute at the University of Cambridge will do a masterclass on the 5 different types of play.

LEGO Six Bricks founder Brent Hutscheson from South Africa will be running masterclasses on how to use LEGO for learning and development- a really exciting new initiative.

Dr Susan Mathew will give the parent perspective on introducing play into special needs education in rural India.

Carrie Clay from UK will introduce how play can support therapy and learning when working with teens with developmental trauma

Sue Allen from Singapore, a global lead sensory integration Occupational Therapist will introduce key elements of sensory play

Dr Keith Tysoe, from UK will talk about play, puppetry and inclusion

Monaliza Guce and Arvie Andal will share research and practice in the Philippines.

Caroline Essame from Singapore will share work on Developmental Play.

Brac from Bangladesh will introduce research on play labs.

As well as additional presentations  from Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Singapore and UK.