Encouraging the community to shift into a more environmentally friendly practice would entail a consideration of several factors, more so if it includes the participation of individuals with disabilities. The result of the study highlights several actions needed to maximize the potential of the program:
1) the continuous training of learners with disabilities to build capacity and capability; and continuous funding for such;
2) the continuous improvement of product quality to meet specific market needs; and
3) the development of programs to increase the community’s awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the benefits of recycling.

Written by: Andal, Arvie S., Colendrino, Maria Corazon, Ph.D., Guce-Vinas, Monaliza U. OTR/L

The study gave a glimpse of how recycling can be an avenue to solve two glaring societal issues: waste management and employment of Filipino PWDs. The results could serve as springboard for more researches on the viability of recycling as a solution, and the possibility and future of training and employing PWDs in it.