International & Local Partners

CREATE-CREATIVE ARTS THERAPY AND TRAINING PTE LTD (CreateCATT) is a Singapore based Social Enterprise providing creative arts and play based training and therapy services. 
Training is delivered on and offline, supported with consultancy for health, education and welfare services, provision of therapy for groups and individuals, mentoring and supervision. 

CreateCATT also reaches out across India and the Philippines through our play certification, and, our team are available for consultancies worldwide.

It’s a pioneering approach built on the idea that, as children grow, they need to do different kinds of play. But sometimes they miss a stage or get stuck. We can see it – they can’t focus, they have difficulty staying calm, their problem-solving skills are limited, and their friendships and social skills are weak. We take them back through the stages of developmental play, to build the firm foundations they need to move onwards and upwards.
Bridging Talents is a company formed in 2004 by individuals deeply passionate about learning and education.
With backgrounds of special education, training and human resources, we saw a need to bridge talent gaps and encourage a spirit of lifelong learning.
At Bridging Talents, we strive to be a catalyst for change in the area of education and learning by organising events and functions to enrich our community. The Company is built on principles of service, collaboration and learning. We are inspired to serve the community of educators, parents, students and learning professionals. We hope that through our seminars and conferences, we can help create a network of collaboration; making learning fun and fulfilling.