Special Education

Kaleidoscope Therapy & Learning Center make it EASY with HARD work, dedication, faith and learning through the hands and brains of people with SOFT hearts but with TOUGH love!

KTLC SPED’s Vision & Mission

We are dedicated to provide excellent and best practices for serving children and adults with exceptional/diverse needs . We aim to positively impact their lives and prepare them to be self sufficient individuals by providing optimal services in a variety of settings.


    Center Developed: Eclectic Curriculum, a stimulating curriculum for holistic learning using AEPS (Assessment Evaluation Programming System), Functional Curriculum, Elaborated Curriculum, Functional Independence  Skills Handbook (FISH) and DepEd K to 12 Curriculum.

KTLC’s Special Education Program uses Structured Teaching

  • Structured Teaching  is an intervention philosophy developed by Eric Schopler et  al at Division TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and other related Communication Handicapped  Children)
  • Benefits of Structured Teaching:                          
  1. Utilizes the child’s strength in visual skills to help focus on relevant and meaningful information in the environment.                         

  2. Adapts the environment to make it more orderly and predictable.                                        

 3. Focuses on the development of independent skills, increasing independence and decreasing behavior problems.                                                                

4. Allows us to limit the need for verbal language to mediate meaning in a learning situation.